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Former Cross-River state governor, Donald Duke steals the Powerbike show at Calabar Carnival with Monstrous Power Bike

The Calabar Carnival which is also known as 'Africa's Biggest Street Party' has been on since the first day of December and is set to end on the 31st of December.

On Tuesday, 27th December was the ‘Calabar Bikers Parade’ in Cross River State and it was a feast for the eye as various power bikes were on display.

One power bike that really caught the attention of not just the bikers or the crowd but practically the entire country was the power bike belonging to former Cross River State governor, Donald Duke who arrived at the parade with his wife, Onari on a monster of a bike.

The bike which was referred to as 'Spiderman Superbike' by many was described as the 'Batcycle Trike' by the former governor who drove like a member of the 'Sons of Anarchy' with his wife behind him.

Donald Duke could be seen in an all-black outfit and a black face cap while his wife, Onari was wearing a black jean and a white top. The bike which possessed three wheels took a resemblance to the ‘Bat mobile’ of the fictional DC character, 'Batman'.

The present governor of Cross River State, Ben Ayade also graced the bikers’ parade with his wife, Linda as they rode in a crimson red classy power bike with three wheels.

Over 400 bikers from different states across the country were reported to have participated in the bikers’ dry run with Donald Duke's bike no doubt being the center of attraction.

What a bike!


See Photos Below:

Donald Duke's Batcycle Trike


Back View of the Batcycle Trike


Governor Ben Ayade's Crimson Red Power bike


Governor Ben Ayade's wife, Linda excited on the power bike


Another fancy power bike driven by one of the participants

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