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Meet Chijioke! The graduate who operates an Open Air Restaurant in Anambra

Nigerians are always known to be creative in their own way and I think we have just found one very creative Nigerian by the name, Chijioke.

According to a social media user, Timothy Motivator Ofoegbu who stopped at Ihiala in Anambra State for a meal; he was directed to an open air mini restaurant which belonged to a university graduate, Chijioke.

Chijioke appears to be running the open restaurant inside the bus park at Ihiala in Anambra state and seems to be making it big.

Posting a picture of the hardworking graduate, he wrote;

"GRADUATE MALE COOK & MAMA PUT… Yesterday, we stopped at Ihiala at Anambra State to eat. We were directed to an open air mini restaurant inside the bus park. To my utmost surprise, the cook and operator is a male graduate called NWA SOUTH. His real name is Chijioke. The food was yummy, delicious and well served. I was number 17 to be served and he served over 10 more people while I eat. Lowest price was 200 naira. He told me he served between 250 and 300 people every day. He is called Nwa South because he was deported from South Africa. Instead of endless search of elusive jobs, he turned his cooking passion into business and he is now smiling to the bank. Leave your comfort and complain zone this year and start something that will earn you daily or monthly income".

It is always nice to see people take a bold step and go the extra mile in order to make ends meet. Despite the wailing economic situation of the country, this young man has chosen to make the most of his cooking abilities.

We wish him the very best in all his endeavors.

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