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Tragedy in Ikorodu as Abductors Kill Woman And Take Away Daughter And Pregnant Friend

A gang of daredevil kidnappers at the weekend shot dead a budding broadcaster, Aisha Thelma Alli-Balogun Abiose, kidnapped her two-year-old daughter, Fareeda and her pregnant friend.

The gang, during a terrible a terrible traffic snarl stormed the Ajegunle area of Ikorodu, Lagos State holding motorists hostage for over an hour.

Apart from robbing the helpless motorists and carting away with their valuables, the gang killed the young woman, abducted her little daughter and her pregnant friend who was in the same car with late Aisha.

The daring marauders, who are heavily armed had blocked off the Ikorodu expressway before proceeding to rob motorists who were caught up in the traffic.

After carrying out their successful operation, the gang had crossed over the bridge and made away with their speedboats, but not before abducting the minor and the pregnant woman.

The gang allegedly were said to have demanded for N10million ransom to secure the release of the minor and the pregnant woman.

By the time the operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) and the divisional police officers stormed the vicinity, the robbers had already left.

It was also reported that any victim was shot dead aside the deceased, by the armed robbers in the operation that lasted for one hour.

The deceased 28 who is married to Ajibola Yussuf Abiose is a Lagos State University graduate of English, was the presenter of Standup Nigeria, a popular comedy show organised by Bunmi Davies.

The-mother-of-two, a boy and a girl, and has since been buried according to Islamic rites.

Meanwhile, the state police command said it have activated its anti-kidnapping squad to go after the gang and rescue the minor.

Please say a silent prayer for them...RIP Thelma.




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