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Murdered Journalist’s Daughter Released by Kidnappers

The two year old daughter, Fareeda of the slain budding broadcaster, Aisha Thelma Alli-Balogun Abiose, (Read here if you missed it), who was abducted in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State by gunmen has been released.

Fareeda was released alongside her pregnant mother’s friend on Monday evening at Ikorodu, after the husband of the deceased broadcaster parted with an undisclosed ransom.

The little girl was however, reunited with her father and other members of her family.

It was alleged that Fareeda and her mother’s friend were taken to a deserted area by the abductors and handed over transportation fare to the pregnant woman to return home.

The kidnappers got in touch with the father and husband to the deceased, who later gave them some money.

”The girl’s father was instructed to go and wait for them at a particular place but the gunmen dropped the girl and the woman at another place. The suspected kidnappers gave the woman some money for transportation to take the little girl home,” a source said.

The Lagos State Command Police Public Relations Officer SP Dolapo Badmos confirmed the release of the little girl and her mother’s pregnant friend.

Badmos said: “Yes I can confirm that they have been released, but I don’t have any information on when they were released.”

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