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3 Nigerian children in Spain go days without food as they lay next to their mother's corpse

Three Nigerian Children in Majorca Spain aged 5, 10 and 11 have been rescued by the police after they went days without food and water lying next to their mother's corpse.

The children had no idea that their mother was dead and they stayed with her for days before they finally went to go ask for help in the street telling passers-by their mom 'wouldn't open her eyes.'

Described as barely dressed when they were found, the youngest child, aged 5 fainted as he was being assisted by neighbours who offered them juice and food when they realized they were in trouble.

The Police found the corpse of their mother inside their home on their arrival and a post mortem is yet to be carried out.

The young children were taken away to the hospital after which they were handed to local authorities care as their father was nowhere to be found.

Thank God the children were found.

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