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Man recounts how he was robbed by SARS last night in Lagos

A man has narrated how he and his friends were robbed off their phone, jewelry (neck pieces and a wristwatch)

The man, with Instagram name, @kjvmusic took to his page to narrate how he and his team were robbed by the Special Anti Robbery Squad, in Lagos.

Read his story below:

"This is a warning to everyone and It's also a step in the path to justice. Tonight at about 11:30pm, i and my team were headed for an event i was invited to on the island. we were all leaving from my sisters place which is at new oko oba. We had not gotten past one street after my sisters when our ride was blocked by a blue toyota big daddy with registeration number smk 517 bm. Out came 4 men carrying rifles branded with the nigerian police flag. They were all in civilian clothes, although their black polo tops had SARS printed on it. They weren't wearing name tags too. Unidentifiable and maybe even untraceable, these men said we should get into their car without reason. When we resisted they started hitting us and that was when things became ugly. They used leg cuffs to hit us injuring my brother on the head, fired shots in the air as we struggled with them trying to scare people who were coming close to the scene to intervene. They also took a phone, jewelry (neck pieces and a wristwatch) from us then got into their car not returning any of the items they had taken initially. The problem with this incident is that these men, with the assurance that nothing will happen could have easily shot us dead or maimed us. I am employing people in authority to look into this division of the NPF. They can't continue to treat people like animals. Unfortunatley we couldn't take pictures or videos because they grabbed the first phone we pulled out to record the whole thing. All we have is a picture of my brother's head injury and the plate number of the car they drove."

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