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Court Sentences Son Of former Rep Member To Hanging

A High court sitting in Funtua, Katsina State on Thursday sentenced Mu’ammar Tukur, son of former District Head of Bakori, to death by hanging for culpable homicide.

Tukur, 32, whose late dad represented Bakori/Danja Federal Constituency at Federal House of Representatives, was sentenced for using knife to stab Shafir Muktar to death.

Justice Abbas Bawale in his judgement said the prosecution led by Mr Aminu Garba had established the case of culpable homicide against the convict beyond reasonable doubt.

Bawale revealed that the prosecution called five witnesses and presented four exhibits which all established the three needed ingredients, including death of the victim, cause of the death and intention of the action.

He said the incident occurred during a serial fight between the convict and the some of the prosecution witnesses at a viewing centre on the 21st of April 2008.

The judge said the defence counsel, Mr AbdulAziz Olagoke, effort to contradict the evidence of the prosecution was futile.

He said the defence argument that the prosecution did not present the metallic material used in committing the crime could not be sustained.

The judge opined that the convict ran way between 2008 and 2013 and was arrested at the grave yard during the funeral of his deceased mother.

Bawale held that convict’s reliance on provocation was not material because he left the scene and returned with the metallic instrument to perpetrate the action.

He said the prosecution had proved the case beyond reasonable doubt as required by law and sentenced the convict to death by hanging.

The judge also said the plea for leniency could not be entertained since the court’s discretion was blocked by law and directed that the plea should be set to the state governor.

He however, advised the defence to file its appeal within 90 days.

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