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Gunman storms House Party, kills 11 persons and himself following separation from his wife

A tragic event occurred in the South-Eastern city of Campinas in Brazil over the weekend as a gunman stormed a house party and killed 11 persons before committing suicide.

Security officials in Sao Paulo revealed that the shooter had perpetrated this horrific act as a result of the separation from his wife who was present at the party.

According to reports from a local media, the 8-year old son of the separated couple also died.

A spokesman for the Police revealed that officials are yet to confirm the identity of those killed in the shooting or if the child of the shooter was among the victims.

A total of 15 people were reported to have been shot with several currently in critical conditions. The deceased gunman is yet to be identified also

Brazil has been plagued with high rates of violence and crime but mass shootings are rare. However, there are gun deaths from heists, holdups as well as police and drug gang shootouts but not shooting sprees like those experienced in the United States.



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