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Ochuko was livid at the slow rate the water poured from the tap. He was running late for the only bus leaving for Lagos and he needed to be in that bus. He knew he wouldn't get another bus today if he missed the bus leaving for Lagos.

He rushed into the bathroom only to find out his soap had finished. Now he was certain the universe didn't want him to meet up with the bus but there was no way he wasn't getting to Lagos today not after working night and day to secure a job interview in the ever-growing city of Lagos.

He reached for his laundry soap and rubbed it all over his body before pouring water on his body to get rid of the soap. His perfume would cover the smell of the laundry soap he thought.

Ochuko scurried out of the bathroom and hurriedly wore his clothes. His stomach grumbled as he wore his white sneakers but he would settle that when he was safely in the bus. He picked up a bag pack containing his laptop and hanged it over his back and lifted up his Duffel bag containing his cloths as he stepped out of his house.

He was leaving for greener pastures and was sure his success story had only just begun.

The bus station was unsurprisingly crowded with people; those arriving from their night journey, those directing passengers towards their respective buses, those looking to savage whatever they could in the early morning rowdiness and those looking for the right bus to board.

Ochuko alighted from the bike that had conveyed him to the bus station. He looked towards the direction of the Lagos bus in an attempt to see the number of people there as he paid the bike driver. His eyes could not capture if the crowd he was seeing close to the Lagos bus were all headed to Lagos.

It was 6:20am and daylight had begun to come out. Ochuko's eye caught a Muslim female with a hijab over her head but his gaze quickly shifted back towards the Lagos bus. The female had just entered the park as Ochuko was collecting his balance from the bike man who was delaying. Ochuko raved at the bike man to hurry up as he watched people troop into the bus station heading towards the Lagos bus.

He dragged his balance from the bike man as he complained to the apologetic bike man for the delay. As he turned towards the entrance in an attempt to enter the bus park, a hot wind blew across his face. He felt the pain before he heard it as the blast pushed him backwards and onto the bike man and his bike with both men tumbling over the bike and the explosion rocking the bus park. People outside the park screamed and ran helter-skelter caring less about those who had been blown to shreds in the park from the bomb blast.

Ochuko slowly sank into unconsciousness as his mind replayed the Muslim woman entering the park. There was no doubt in his mind she was the cause of this explosion.

If the bike man hadn't delayed him, he would have been blown to shreds like those in the bus station. Ochuko thanked his stars as he finally sank into unconsciousness.

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