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Fire engulfs female hostel at Yaba Tech (PHOTOS)

Reports from Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech), Lagos have it that the Bakassi female hostel of the institution is currently on fire.

The News Agency of Nigeria, stated that the fire which engulfed ‘Bakassi building’ has raged for two hours before the arrival of the fire service which is trying to put out the blaze.

The fire could not be put out instantly because the college Fire Service ran out of water.

However, there are no details as to the number of casualties (if any) as the fire has been put out.

A student of the institution who sent images of the inferno said  that the fire broke out at about 5am today and students have been affected already.

“The Fire Fighters are on ground but the fire is still burning seriously inside the hostel. I cannot say if any of the students died but I can say that some of them fainted.

“We learnt that the fire was caused by an electric spark inside the hostel and it became really serious all of a sudden. As I am talking to you, the place is still burning seriously,” the final year student who pleaded anonymity, told newsmen.


See video below


Below are photos from the inferno:





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