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'There is no hostility between Aki and myself'- Osita Iheme (PawPaw)

Nollywood actor, ‘Osita Iheme’ popularly known as 'PawPaw' has revealed that there is currently no hostility between him and fellow actor, ‘Chinedu Ikedieze’ popularly known as 'Aki'.

According to PawPaw, he is still very close friends with Aki.

The actor stated this in response to the rumors flying around that he was at loggerheads with his colleague, Aki.

Speaking in an interview with Sunday Scoop on PUNCH News, Osita Iheme said;

"There is no hostility between Aki and me. We are still best of friends, and we are on good terms. We talk when we need to, and any report of fights between us is the figment of the writer’s imagination".

Both actors are well known in the Nigerian Movie Industry with the pair always featuring together in movies.

Aki and PawPaw have featured in a catalog of Nollywood movies such as 'The Fake Prophets', 'Back from Liberia', 'Aki na Ukwa', '2 Rats' and are well known for their mischievousness in these movies.

In October 2016, the 34-year old talked about his marriage status, stating that he didn't need to meet 'miss right' before getting married. [Read here if you missed it]

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