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Social media war between Venita Akpofure and Kemi Olunloyo gets messier

The social media bashings between Former Video vixen, Venita Akpofure and Jornalist Kemi Olunloye has continued today and gotten a lot messier.

Yesterday, Venita Akpofure blasted Kemi Olunloyo after she made a comment saying she has no problem being paid and put on Lagos big boy, Pretty Mike's dog leash (Read here if you missed it)

Trust Kemi Olunloyo not to let that slide or to win her. She then took to social media to slam Venita.

Typical of the Snitch lady, Kemi revealed a whole lot of dirty things about Venita Akpofure.

Read what Kemi wrote about Venita Akpofure below:

 “1. Venita Akpofure is not a society role model. A video vixen displays their body parts for money like prostitutes #SMKOO 

  1. Venita Akpofure has no career in #Nollywood even calls herself aspiring actress. She is tainted with music industry SEMEN!
  2. Venita Akpofure has fuckd everyone in the music biz from A-Z. Most prominent sex partner @iam_Davido who will never deny it.
  3. Venita Akpofure has been unblocked from my IG page. Why is she scared to come confront me? Only wants #PrettyMike down.
  4. Venita Akpofure calling my name "Kempi Olumibalumo" clearly explains the dumb mind of a video whore #VeneraldiseaseVenita
  5. Is Venita educated? She calls my journalism degree an "alleged profession". Tell her I'm a pharmacist and PR Specialist too
  6. 7yo nephew asked me what a video vixen was? I told him music video prostitutes with no use to society. Tell ur kids Venita
  7. Venita says I should be babysitting my grandkids. I have NONE! She should be babysitting her kids from watching PG vids
  8. Venita should lay off #PrettyMike now following me on IG. Leave the club alone cos no stripper contract is coming her way
  9. Video vixens are not society's role models. Feminism has never been in Venita's radar, a fake feminista craving attention"

Seems Venita wanted to show the snitch lady she is a hard nut to crack as she fired back at Kemi, see below....

Trust Kemi not to easily give-up as came back hard on her and even put up the DM Venita sent her, See below...

Venita didn't end there, she went on to do some digging on Kemi's past and posted, and also prayed for her. See below.

"For me to continue would continue to lower myself and begin to bully. There are people goin through genuine hardships, not only in our country but in life in General. @hnnafrica I'm sorry my provocative comment got you this angry. In the process of collecting my receipts I quickly realized how traumatic your life has been truly. I'm not evil so honestly my heart goes out to u. And regardless of ur lack of remorse I forgive you. I pray that you will receive joy love and happiness and I have been very lucky to be blessed with. And I pray any obstacles or demons that disturb or have plans for ur life be smite down. Please Madam learn to forgive past transgressions in your life caused by u and or others so that light can fill you again. U deserve to be happy and you deserve to be loved. I spoke out against you because like many others I watch u bully and antagonize and pick on people all the time. I was particularly upset when U were horrid to a fellow actress who was simply celebrating her pregnancy. Pregnancy is a fragile time when as a woman u are most vulnerable and insecure especially physically. It was very wicked of u to do. None the less u have red blood just like me. So I forgive u, I hope u can forgive me, urself and others and please learn to use ur platform for REAL journalism positivity and enlightenment. Empowering our people our nation and especially the AFRICAN woman. #TagStaGram #love #friends @tagstagram #photooftheday #selfie #amazing #followme #look #instalike #igers #picoftheday #instadaily #instafollow #fun #iphoneonly #instagood #bestoftheday #instacool #instago #summer #follow #webstagram #colorful #style #swag'

More drama is still loading. Trust Kemi to always win.

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