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Many young men out there believe dressing sharp means dressing fancy and flashy; wearing imprinted T-shirt, fancy torn jeans and a flashy shoe but this is entirely wrong.

Young men are the leaders of tomorrow and at such should dress to impress.

Welders, construction workers, tradesmen and engineers wear clothes that tell their profession without them uttering a word.

However, clean, crisp and well-fitted clothing says a lot about one's personality and will make others take you more seriously.

There are tips for dressing sharp which young men out there should know. Check out these five tips for dressing sharp as a young man;

  1. Dress your footwear up

Your footwear matters as much as your outfit. This is one of the major things you have to get right if you are looking to dress sharp. Classic and well-fitted footwear should do the trick for you. Buy quality shoes that are well-crafted and will pay dividends down the road. Most people tend to go for the fancy shoes that are shiny and of low quality. A quality shoe will last for years and still look good as long as you clean and shine it properly.


  1. Dress to look matured

They say how you dress says a lot about you, well, dressing matured is one tip which young men should incorporate if they plan on looking sharp. Wearing clothes that make you look like a student will only make people treat you like one. Drop the trend and age your look a little by getting rid of casual T-shirts, sweatpants, baseball hats and cargo pants. This will earn you the respect you deserve.


  1. Take care of your clothing

Keeping your corporate clothes in good shape will allow them last longer and also save the unnecessary expenses of getting another. Hang your pants, corporate shirts, custom suits and also arrange your footwear properly. A shoe tree is ideal to keep your footwear in good conditions, using hangers for your suits and corporate wears is also advised.


  1. Build from White and Blue Shirts

White and light blue cotton shirts are key to a classy wardrobe. Build your corporate clothing on white and light blue shirts. They depict sharpness in all areas. A black pant to match is also ideal for a sharp dressing.


  1. Look beyond Jeans

Look beyond jeans and choose well-cut classically styled trousers. They make you appear sharper. Jeans aren't bad but on a corporate shirt, the best fit is the classically styled trouser. You could also wear wool or cotton trousers rather than jeans.

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