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From The Streets To The World! Patoranking sails on Cover of Guardian Life Magazine

Nigerian reggae/dancehall singer, Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie popularly known as Patoranking has been selected as the cover star for the latest edition of Guardian Life magazine.

In this edition of the magazine titled 'From The Streets To the World', the talented singer opens up about his journey to stardom, his musical memories, his name [Patoranking], his best song and more.

The 'Hale Hale' crooner revealed he got his name, Patoranking, from a friend, adding that his fondest musical memories were dancing at carnivals and winning mainstream dancing competitions.

The 27-year old who talked about his journey to stardom also revealed that he had always been fanatical about sounds most especially Galala sounds, adding that his song which best defined him was 'Alubarika'.


Read excerpts from his interview below:

What are your fondest musical memories?

"I remember dancing at carnivals and winning mainstream dancing competitions. They are beautiful memories. You have the whole ghetto behind you as a dancer".


How did you get the name Patoranking?

"A friend was playing guitar at the beach. He asked me my name. Then he called me Patoranking".


How did you learn patois? Some people have said your own dialect is not the original patois. How would you like to respond to that?

"I fell in love with the language. I think it’s a language of choice; I chose the language. I cannot be 100 percent fluent as a Jamaican but when I speak to my Jamaican friends, they understand what I am saying. They also love that I can speak their lingo".


What was your experience trying to break into the Nigerian music industry?

"To be honest, breaking into the industry was a very tough one. I conquered the underground scene before the mainstream. I remember having a collabo with artists in different local governments in Lagos State. So I came through the right channel, which was going through the underground. I got my big break in 2013. But before then, I had been recording features. I would say I waited for about 10 years before I made it".


Which of your songs best define you?

"That will be Alubarika because I was able to tell people where I am headed and where I am coming from; within three minutes I was able to sell myself to the world. I was able to sell my dream to the world and tell people, ‘This is me, this is what you can expect’”.


As an artist, how do you differentiate yourself from the rest?

"I try not to do what everyone else is doing. I don’t follow trends; I just have the Midas touch".


Read Full Interview HERE


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