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'God has positioned him to fight immorality in America'- CAN President, Rev. Samson Ayokunle lauds Trump's victory

The president of the 'Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), ‘Reverend Samson Ayokunle’ has lauded the victory of US Presidential-elect, Donald Trump, adding that God has placed the Republican in such a position in order to fight immorality in the American society.

According to Rev. Samson, Trump's administration would not tolerate issues of immorality in the country.

Rev. Samson made this statement at the 29th General Assembly of the Christian Council of Nigeria (CCN), urging Nigerians to be at alert because the fight with Boko Haram was not yet over.

He said;

"God has now positioned him to fight the immoral life in the American society; the nation that was once known as God’s own country is vastly becoming Sodom and Gomorrah".

"It is not over until it is over; the fact that a top army officer was killed is a signal to the fact that we have not defeated them. It was also an attestation to the commitment of the Federal Government to fight this demon called Boko Haram. So, everybody should be more committed so that the souls of those who died might not be in vain".

The CAN president also urged Christians to unite and not allow doctrinal beliefs overwhelm them.

He said;

"We are diverse because of our doctrinal beliefs but we must be one because Jesus says the church must be one; He prayed for the church. I think the problem with us is the placing of much emphasis on autonomy where it becomes its petals when we lack respect for one another. There should be collective recognition of leadership, desire to put up the things of the world and eternity-centered in such a way that occupying position does not matter to anybody".

Rev. Samson also called on Nigerians to rise and fight corruption which had eaten into the heart of the country.

He said;

"By the result that corruption has given us presently, I think it is high time we all rose and fight the demon; without fighting it, it will cripple us. If we are not very careful we will end up becoming a crippled giant because we have allowed corruption to enter into our system".

Donald Trump was announced as president-elect of the United States following his victory at the presidential election. [Read here if you missed it]


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