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Advent is a season observed in several Western Christian churches as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the coming of Jesus at Christmas.

The season of Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, and is celebrated on each successive Sunday leading up to Christmas.

The holy season of advent begins with a lot of people preparing to welcome baby Jesus into their hearts and homes.

So many people have already begun spreading the message of joy, love and hope since it’s advent already.

Many have also started cleaning up and decorating their homes. The spirit of Christmas can be felt with the sound of melodious carols filling the air.

Christians are enjoined during the season of lent to at least do the followings,

  1. Have an Advent Reflections: Get a Book of Advent Reflections to help you focus your thoughts during this time of waiting and anticipation.
  2. Commit to Helping Someone Else During Advent and/or Throughout the Year. You can decide to take your children and shop for someone less fortunate than yourself.
  3. Resolve to Keep Advent a Season of Reflection and Quiet: Forego the numerous holiday celebrations where the food and the alcohol flow freely and choose just a few of the most important and meaningful holiday gatherings to attend. Listen to sacred music.
  4. Make a Retreat
  5. For the Catholic brethren, go to Confession before Christmas Day. Go and cleanse your soul in anticipation of the great feast of His birth.


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