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Catholic Priest says ‘It is better to have many wives than to have only one and yet have many girl friends’

A catholic priest in Nasarawa State, Rev. Father Gabriel Ngbe of Akwangwa Catholic Church on Sunday canvassed the need for the Catholic Church to incorporate some good aspects of African culture in its Doctrine and that monogamy should be accepted in the Church because of those that have only one wife.

The Catholic Priest made the controversial statement while celebrating Acculturation Mass at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church Akwanga while insisting that there should be an amendment of the Cathoilic doctrine especially in the African Catholic Churches in order to accommodate every member of the Church.

 “The Whiteman that brought Christianity to us mixed the religion with his culture and Africans just accepted it like that at the expense of our culture. 

If we did not incorporate parts of our culture into the way we worship God, our culture would in no distant time go into extinction,” he said.

The Catholic clergyman insisted that anybody who practiced monogamy before accepting Christ should be given equal treatment in the Church with those with only one wife.

“It is better to have many wives at home than to have only one and yet have many girl friends and lovers outside,” the priest said.

He thus applauded the Yoruba people for integrating their culture in the way they practiced both Christianity and Islam and advised others to emulate them.

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