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'I believe INEC are now conducting acceptable elections'- Ondo state governor-elect, Rotimi Akeredolu

The newly appointed Ondo state governor-elect, ‘Rotimi Akeredolu’ has commended the ‘Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)’, adding that the electoral commission was perfecting its electoral act and conducting more acceptable elections these days.

The governor-elect was also quick to dismiss his victory in the just-concluded Ondo state governorship election as the reason for making this statement.

Chief Rotimi Akeredolu stated this after the statutory time for legal action against his election victory expired.

He said;

“It is not because I won the election. I believe INEC is perfecting its act. It is moving toward conducting acceptable elections. If INEC gets to that level, many more elections will not be contested at the tribunal”.

Chief Akeredolu also commended the candidate for the People's Democratic Party (PDP) as well as the Alliance for Democracy (AD) for not filing any petition against the election result, adding that they had shown a sense of maturity.

According to Akeredolu, filing any petition to challenge the result would only be a distraction from the current issues on the ground.

He said;

"No doubt when you take out distraction, you are in a better frame of mind. It gives us more time to execute other programs and hit the ground running".

The 30-day time frame in which a petition challenging the Ondo state governorship election result can be filed came to an end with no party challenging the result, thereby sealing Rotimi Akeredolu’s position as the next governor of Ondo state.

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