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7 Phrases to drop from your vocabulary

Your vocabulary is key to your knowledge of the English Language. There are verbal mistakes people make which could allow you lose your credibility, confidence and make people take you for granted.

You could make these verbal mistakes in a team meeting or a company presentation or just a public speech so you have to be conscious of them and drop them from your vocabulary.

Check out these seven phrases to drop from your vocabulary;

  1. 'Does that make sense?' or 'You know what I mean'

These are phrases you should totally drop from your vocabulary. Asking someone 'Does that make sense?' or 'if they know what you mean' will give away your sense of command. It is considered a validation chip and shows you totally sure of yourself.


  1. 'I'm confused' or 'I don't get it'

Saying 'I'm confused' or 'I don't get it' is also a bad phrase you should consider dropping. It only shows your inability to understand quickly. You could remain open by saying 'Help me understand you better'.


  1. 'I've been too busy'

This is another phrase you should totally drop from your vocabulary. It sounds like an excuse; instead you could use 'I apologize for the inconvenience'.


  1. 'I think we should kind of do it this way'

This is the height of uncertainty. It is a bad phrase you should never use if you are to build your confidence. You could use 'Why not let us do it this way?'


  1. 'I hate to say this' or 'He is a good person, but'

These are phrases you should also drop from your vocabulary. Do not try to disguise criticism in an attempt not to make the person feel bad. Rather than say this, you could say 'He has been obstinate apart from that he is a good person'.


  1. 'Really?'

This sound so cliché, someone tells you something and all you can think about is to question their seriousness. It can be insulting sometimes.


  1. 'You always'

Generalizing is not a good idea. It has a way of destroying a healthy dialogue or conversation. Avoid generalizing people's actions.

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