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'I was begged by all party leaders to come and lead the party'- PDP Factional Chairman, Ali Modu Sheriff

Factional chairman of the People's Democratic Party (PDP), ‘Ali Modu Sheriff’ has revealed that he was literally begged to come and lead the party by all party leaders.

According to Ali Modu Sheriff, party leaders invited, begged and actually followed him to his house just so he could lead the party.

Ali Modu Sheriff made this revelation while speaking in the capital of Benue state, Makurdi.

He said;

"I was invited, begged and followed to my house by all the leaders of PDP to come and lead the party. I told them that if I must lead, the party must be returned to the people".

Ali Modu Sheriff also accused four governors who were members of the party of trying to control the destiny of the party.

He said;

"Today PDP has only 12 governors as against the 28 we had. Regrettably, of the 12, only four of them want to control and destroy the party. These are people who are not fit to be local government council chairmen— I will continue to resist such".

The PDP has been subject to an intense internal conflict between two factions of the party, the Ali Modu Sheriff-led faction and the Ahmed Makarfi-led faction.

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