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'The Unity of the country is very Paramount'- Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike

The governor of Rivers state, ‘Nyesom Wike’ has stated that the unity of Nigeria is very paramount and non-negotiable. The Rivers state governor stated this while paying a courtesy visit to the 'Sultan of Sokoto', Alhaji Sa'ad Abubakar III.

According to Governor Wike, the Sultan had been working tirelessly to bring peace and unity to Nigeria because the unity of the country was very important.

He said;

"Leaders and people of Nigeria will always strive to defend the unity of Nigeria. This is because to them, the country remaining as one indivisible entity is ‘non-negotiable’ and of paramount importance".

"Let me first of all sincerely thank you, our father the Sultan, for what you are doing for this country. He has been working tirelessly to bring peace and to bring unity to the people. So for all of us this is what is meant by one Nigeria".

"We cannot run away from this country. The unity of this country is very, very paramount. The unity of this country is non-negotiable".

Governor Wike also revealed that his administration had placed a lot of efforts into protecting national assets especially pipelines in River state.

He said;

"In Rivers you hardly find pipeline vandalism. We are working at all times to protect national assets in our state. In my state, I am governor for all the people living in the state. I am not a governor of a particular political party, but a governor for all the people of Rivers State".

Governor Wike further revealed he was in Sokoto to celebrate with his friend, Governor Aminu Tambuwal who had just given out his daughter for marriage.

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