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How to iron your pants (Watch Video)

Most people do not have the right knowledge on how to iron their pants (trousers). They just get the cloth, place it on an ironing board and begin to press it just as long as it becomes smooth.

However, there are ways to iron your pants which will have them looking really good when you put them on. A well-ironed pant can give you a really classy look.

Check out these steps on how to iron your pants;

  1. Iron the pockets

This is quite important when pressing your pants. Turn the pant inside out and lay them on the pressing board after which you iron the pockets. Be careful not to create a crease (lining) when ironing the pocket.


  1. Iron the fly area, seams and hems

With the pants still turned inside out, iron the fly area (the area between the pockets) after which you iron the seams (side edge of the pant) and the hem (bottom edge of the pant) of the first leg. Double across the seams and hem for smoothness before repeating the action on the other leg.


  1. Iron the waistband

In order to iron the waistband, you have to turn the pant back out. Once you do so, iron the waistband round the pant.


  1. Iron the legs

Fold the pant together in order to iron the legs properly. Lay the folded pant on the board and flip the upper layer in order to iron the lower layer. After this, flip the pant around and repeat the same process for the other leg. In order to avoid a crease, do not iron the edge of the leg. However, if you want to set a crease on your pant; you could do that by ironing directly over the leg edges.


Watch Video Below:

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