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Constipation which is the inability to easily pass out poo can bring discomfort and pain but most times it happens as a result of lifestyle changes.

When constipation occurs, stools remains in the colon for longer than required creating discomfort and difficulty in passing out the waste.

There are certain foods, lifestyle changes and supplements that can cause constipation. Below are some of the lifestyles that can cause constipation.

Abuse of Drugs (Painkillers)

Studies have shown that constant use and abuse of drugs like aspirin and Ibruprofen can cause constipation because of the nature of the drugs; the receptors are usually in the digestive tract which disrupts the system leaving the user constantly constipated.


Water is important for smooth functioning of the guts and the whole digestive system. Water apart from flushing toxins ensures the body maintains the needed amount of moisture to function well especially during the process of digestion. So it is paramount one takes enough water on a daily basis.

Fatty food and dairy

Taking a lot of dairy food and fatty ones can cause constipation. Foods low in fibre and fatty are known to slow down digestion causing constipation.

Overusing laxative

A lot of people have abused the use of laxative which can become counteractive over time. Using laxative continually makes the system dependent on it and in return making it unable- over time- to purge itself of the waste.

Lack of exercise

Exercising does not only keep you fit, it does with the body's entire system. Lack of exercise or staying inactive can cause constipation.

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