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'President Buhari deserves a second term'- Presidency

The Presidency has insisted that President Muhammadu Buhari deserves a second term for starting a revolution against corruption in the country.

Senior Special Assistant to the president on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu made this statement during an interview with Gatefield Television, stating that President Buhari "more than deserves" to be re-elected in 2019.

Shehu who commended the president's achievement especially in terms of security and agriculture emphasized that if not for President Buhari, the Boko Haram would have laid siege to Aso Rock by now and would have completely taken over the country's capital of Abuja.

The presidential spokesman listed out some of the achievements of President Buhari's administration including the N-Power scheme as well as the reduction in the amount of money spent on the importation of rice.

According to Shehu, the president identified the key issues and has been able to tackle them accordingly so far.

Shehu said;

"He [Buhar] more than deserves a second term on account of the fact that the president has started something of a revolution in this country, because it will take a revolution to transform this country from a nation that did not even condemn corruption on the rhetorical level; that had embraced corruption from top to bottom. That's what the president is trying to change. To rid this country of corruption".

"If Buhari hadn't been here, Boko Haram would have been in Aso Rock by now; they would have taken over Abuja. You would not have been here talking to me, because they were everywhere".

"Boko Haram had reached Ibadan and Lagos. People look at this country and say nothing has been achieved. Can you build anything without peace in this country".

"This is a country that spent US$5 million every day importing rice; we're not doing that anymore. What more do you want us to say?"

"We have created nearly half a million jobs for graduates through N-Power and all of these schemes. The president identified key issues and he was right".

Although Shehu failed to disclose if President Buhari was planning to see re-election in 2019, the call for the president to run for a second term has been steadily gaining grounds.

Last week, presidential campaign posters of President Buhari were spotted in Abuja with reports that these posters were sponsored by the Niger Delta Youths, Women and Security Movement For Buhari/Osinbajo. [Read here if you missed it]

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