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'What PDP wants to come back and do is Stealing'- Kayode Fayemi says PDP is not a credible alternative to APC in 2019

The former governor of Ekiti state and current Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Dr Kayode Fayemi has lambasted the People's Democratic Party (PDP), saying that the party is not a "credible alternative" to the All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2019.

Fayemi accused the PDP of wanting to return back to power in order to continue stealing like it did during its reign as ruling party.

The minister reiterated that there was nothing to convince Nigerians that the former ruling party had changed from its old ways which was evident in their national convention held in Abuja earlier this month.

Fayemi said;

"What the PDP wants to come back and do is stealing. The options for Nigerians in 2019 is not to return to the old age of criminalisation and brigandage by voting for the PDP".

"There is nothing to convince Nigerians that they have changed with the shenanigans that characterised their national convention and poor performances by their governors".

"Up to now, Dr Goodluck Jonathan and his henchmen have not apologised about how they ran the country aground. So, there is nothing to suggest that PDP remains a credible alternative to APC in 2019".

Fayemi who hosted APC leaders at his Isan-Ekiti home in Ekiti state further disclosed that the panel of enquiry set up by Ekiti state governor, Ayodele Fayose to investigate his [Fayemi] administration was an attempt to slander his reputation, stating that the governor's stock in trade was lying against someone in order to score "political gains".

The minister emphasized that he was still walking freely even after leaving office as Ekiti state governor but wasn't sure the same would apply to Fayose after losing his immunity once his tenure as governor ends owing to the fact that he has run the state to the ground.

Fayemi said;

"Fayose’s stock in trade is lying against someone to score political gains. They started with the probe of N852 million UBEC fund and when they knew they could not go far, they started concocting lies and said I looted N17 billion".

"Let us wait and see who will go to jail between Fayose and I. I have been out of office and I am still moving free, but I am sure he won’t be able to walk free on the streets after losing immunity because of the way he ran the state aground".

On the issue of fuel scarcity being experienced in the country, Fayemi appealed with Nigerians not to use the current scarcity to rate President Buhari's performances, labelling the situation as a "normal curve in the life of any administration".

According to Fayemi, the scarcity will pass and President Buhari has not disappointed Nigerians on a larger scale.

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