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Dangerous side effects of Sleeping Pills

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder which affects a lot of people. When you experience difficulty sleeping, you are said to be suffering from 'Insomnia'.

There are various ways to handle insomnia and one of such ways is by using sleeping pills.

A sleeping pill is temporarily effective against insomnia but also affects the human body over time.

Sleeping pills are known as sedative hypnotics. Although these sedative hypnotics induce sleep, they are also quite addictive and could cause a problem with your mental state.

Sleeping pills have mild side effects as well as dangerous side effects.

These are the mild side effects of sleeping pills;

  1. Difficulty keeping balance


  1. Headache


  1. Burning/tingling in hands or legs


  1. Unusual Dreams


  1. Stomach Pain


  1. Weakness


  1. Dizziness/Daytime drowsiness


  1. Changes in Appetite


  1. Gas


  1. Dry Mouth or Throat


Dangerous side effects of Sleeping Pills;

  1. Memory Problems (Difficulty remembering things or paying attention)


  1. Diarrhea and Constipation


  1. Uncontrolled Shaking of different body parts


  1. Heartburn


  1. Visual Impairment (Unable to see throughout the next day)


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