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Every relationship is made up of partners with different characters. Most partners are always so in love with the other that such love turns into possessiveness.

Being possessive is no doubt a sign of love but sometimes it could get out of hand and cause a rift in the relationship.

Being too possessive could be as a result of low self-esteem, insecurity and some other factors such as childhood experiences, past relationships and more.

Dealing with a possessive partner requires patience and understanding.

Check out these four (4) ways to deal with a possessive partner;

  1. Express your feelings

Expressing how you feel is one way to deal with a possessive partner. Tell them what you do not like about their behavior. Let your emotions speak for you. When you feel they are being possessive; you could say 'I feel like you do not trust me', 'I do not like the fact that you did such a thing, you should trust me more'. Let them know your feelings towards their possessive character.


  1. Involve them in your activities with friends

If they know what you are up to around friends, it could help clear their insecurity issues. Involving your possessive partner in your activities with friends is one way to handle him/her. Sometimes, the possessive character could be their way of telling you they want a public display of affection. Give him a reason not to be possessive.


  1. Be Patient

Being patient is also one way to handle a possessive partner. Talk to them about their character and be patient with them. Change is a gradual process that requires time and at such you should afford your partner time to drop the possessive character. Patience is key.


  1. Communication

Communication is vital in every relationship and also vital when it comes to handling a possessive partner. Be sure to communicate effectively with him/her so as to avoid having issues. Assure them that you aren't running away or leaving them and you need their trust if you want to make it work.


For a relationship to work out, both partners have to work as a team and at such if you have a possessive partner, you have to remain patient and deal with him/her effectively using these methods.

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