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US Federal Jury finds white supremacist, Dylann Roof guilty for Charleston Church Massacre

A Federal Jury of a Federal District Court has found the self-ascribed white supremacist, Dylann Roof guilty of the ‘Charleston Church Massacre’ that occurred on June 17th 2015.

Dylann Roof who was charged with 33 counts including hate crimes resulting in death was arraigned before the court on Thursday, 15th December 2016 where he was eventually found guilty.

Federal prosecutor, ‘Nathan Williams’ during his closing argument stated that Dylann had executed the African-Americans attending the church because he saw them as animals and nothing more.

He said;

"He executed them because he believed they were nothing more than animals, his actions in the church are the best reflections of the vastness of his hatred".

The 22-year old stood with his face emotionless and his hands by his side as the clerk read out the verdict of the Jury.

One of the two adult survivors of the incident, Felicia Sanders revealed that she was confident he would be found guilty.

She said;

"I wasn’t expecting anything less, I knew it was going to be guilty, guilty, guilty, all the way through. My thoughts were if I could get to him, what would I do but the Lord kept me from charging".

Mrs. Sanders who lost her son during the shooting was present with her husband, Tyrone Sanders who described Roof as 'Pure Evil'.

During his closing argument, defense attorney for Roof, David Bruck stated that Roof had not grown up in a family of racist or contacted any white supremacist but all his racist beliefs were downloaded from the internet, adding that all his actions were an imitation from the internet.

Prior to the verdict, Roof had revealed his action was a retaliation of the crimes committed by 'blacks' on 'whites'. According to Roof, blacks were killing whites every day and something needed to be done about that.

Dylann Roof will appear before the same jurors on Tuesday, 3rd January 2017 where he will either be sentenced to life in prison without parole or death.

On June 17th 2015 after a long-planned assault, Dylann Roof opened fire on Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, killing no less than nine people which were identified as Rev. Clementa Pinckney, Cynthia Hurd, Ethel Lee Lance, Susie Jackson, Dr. Tywanza Sanders, Rev. DePayne Middleton, Rev. Daniel Lee Simmons Sr., Myra Thompson and Rev. Sharonda Coleman-Singleton.

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