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'We have not been flushed out of anywhere, we are safe'- Abubakar Shekau allegedly denies Sambisa Forest clear out by Army

The factional leader for the dreaded Islamic terrorist sect. known as the Boko Harams, ‘Abubakar Shekau’ has allegedly released a video denying the claims that the Army has flushed the terrorist group out of its stronghold in the ‘Sambisa Forest’.

AFP reports that Abubakar Shekau who was speaking in Hausa and Arabic had released the video after President Buhari made the announcement that the army had taken over the Sambisa Forest and driven the Boko Harams out of the 1300sq km forest.

In the alleged video, AFP quoted Shekau saying;

"We are safe. We have not been flushed out of anywhere. And tactics and strategies cannot reveal our location except if Allah wills by his decree. You should not be telling lies to the people. If you indeed crushed us, how can you see me like this? How many times have you killed us in your bogus death?"

Shekau further revealed that the war was far from over, adding that the aim of the terrorist group was to establish an Islamic caliphate.

He said;

"The war is not yet over, there is still more (war). Our aim is to establish an Islamic Caliphate and we have our own Caliphate, we are not part of Nigeria".

However, no record of the video has surfaced and the report was reported to have been written by an AFP reporter in Kano state.

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