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'President Buhari is too old and not well educated to run this country'- Bishop Simeon Okah

The Principal Patriarch of the Flock of Christ Mission, ‘Bishop Simeon Okah’ has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari is too old to run and not well-educated the country and at such should give way to a younger man to lead.

According to the bishop, President Buhari should forget about contesting for the 2019 Presidential Election in the country. He further stated that President Buhari had worsened the state of everything in the country, adding that people from the South-South were being treated badly.

Bishop Okah who spoke in an interview with VANGUARD said;

"The man is an old man, old man is old, I am quite younger than he is. I am 64 years old, do you know that without the younger ones around me, there are some things about this generation that I cannot on my own understand because their way of thinking is very different from my way of thinking, not to talk of a man like Buhari?"

"First, Buhari is too old, secondly, he is not educated enough. It pains my heart that just because former President Goodluck Jonathan is from South-South, there was a general hatred against him by the north and maybe the west".

"We, who travel, they were telling us that we were blessed to have a man who has PhD as a president, what does Buhari have apart from him being a general?"

"Well, facts speak for themselves. What has he liberated, is it the economy, what? So when you say he is a liberator, what has he liberated? Rather, he has worsened the state of everything in this country; he took over government when naira was between 170 and 190 to a dollar but today how much is it?"

"When he was campaigning, he said he would make one naira to one dollar, but what is the position today, the man has destroyed almost everything he met, everything Jonathan labored for. Everything is nose-diving in the country".

"Look at the stock exchange. He inherited a stock exchange of over N13 trillion. Today, it is about N8 to N9 trillion. What happened to N4 trillion? It is people’s money, so to me, this government, particularly, in my own sense of judgment, there are too many lies and lies go with depression and depression goes with oppression".

"People who are supposed to invest are asking questions, where are the blueprints for his economic program? Almost two years are gone and nothing. This is the very first time in our history that it took a president, who won an election over six months to appoint ministers and the people he appointed are the same corrupt people, who had to cross-carpet from PDP to APC; we thought he was going to bring angels from the moon the way he initially spoke about people that would make his cabinet, but finally, they were the same people that we knew in this country".

"As a man from South-South, I feel very bad the way we have been treated. Look at the oil blocks too, how many belong to people from the South-South? In the first place, why should the Nigerian government consider giving oil blocks to individuals instead of state government?"

"Why should such huge amount of money go into hands of very few individuals? If we want to build a nation, these are questions that we need to ask".

Bishop Okah also labeled President Buhari as the most unfavorable president to the Niger Delta region.

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