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Governor Fayose accused of laundering N8.877billion Paris Club refund

The outspoken governor of Ekiti state, ‘Ayodele Fayose’ has been accused of allegedly diverting the 8.877billion Paris club refund allocated by the FG.

According to PULSE, a source in the presidency revealed that the governor had failed to use the money for payment of outstanding salary as advised by President Buhari.

The source said;

"The agreement between the Federal Government and the state governors was very clear. While 50 per cent of the amount released was to be used to offset outstanding salary and pension arrears, the remaining 50 per cent would be used for the payment of other obligations".

"Some governors have however reneged on this agreement. Security reports available to the Presidency showed that Governor Ayodele Fayose paid only one month out of eight-month salary arrears".

"The same governor went ahead to pay a curious 13-month salary to Ekiti workers. Yet, he got N8.877 billion refund. Instead of accounting for what he used the loan refund for, he has the temerity to attack the Federal Government on hardship in the country. The relevant agencies are monitoring development in Ekiti and some states".

The Nation reports that Ekiti state Commissioner for Finance, ‘Toyin Ojode’ denied the accusations made by the source in the presidency.

Toyin Ojode revealed that only N5.3billion was allocated to the state.

She said;

"The state’s share of the money was only N5.3 billion, which he said could barely pay one month out of the arrears of salaries owed the civil servants in the state".

President Muhammadu Buhari had initially advised state governors to ensure they used the refund for settling outstanding salaries of civil servants.

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